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Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Digital Style

I have been experimenting with a new digital style. I have attached a copy of the first piece here. I really like the new style and think it might change the way I attempt digital pieces.
You can purchase a print of this image at imagekind this is a limited edition print as well only 20 will be printed.

Friday, March 18, 2011

New Limited Edition Print - Statue On Hold

I have found that some issues are occuring as the clay dries (cracks and dusting of the surface). I am going to dry all three peices completely out before I begin the base peice. So I should know by Sunday how this is going to work out. Speaking of working out I must go to the gym today, I've been lazy this week.

I did finish a new digital peice. I think it's cool because it incorperates an image of Ozzy from the 80's and an Image from Mr. Rogers, both being media favorites of mine in the 80's. Ozzy is still one of my fav's, Fred Rogers dosen't hold much appeal anymore.

I named the peice "Rocker", because this word holds a connection to both of the fore mentioned people. There are several hidden aspects to this design as well. It was a fun project and now one among many that I need to print. I will be selling this limited edition print only 30 will be printed ever then all digital aspects will be destroyed.

You can purcahace this print at Imagekind. Only 30 will be sold and there is no way for me to list amount left so one day it will just be gone.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

All in a days work or cygnes reflechis en elephants - Part V

Still needs some detail work but I feel I have done enough with the top to begin the very large base. That's enough for 1 day! the hardest part starts tomorrow...

cygnes reflechis en elephants - Part IV

Have made significant progress today all that remains of the hard part is shaping the bottom three standing elephants. This will be quite a complicated thing and requires some time to contemplate.

I have the three on stand alone plaques I think this may have made moving them harder, I guess I will find out the hard way.

It's hard not starting the detail work, but this is why I have chosen natural clay it is easier to wet and rework if it starts to dry out.

cygnes reflechis en elephants - Part III

Progressing onto the second elephant at least its starting to take shape well. Need to get supplies off to Michael's.

cygnes reflechis en elephants - Part 2

Progress the 1st elephant is coming into being.

cygnes reflechis en elephants - PART 1

I will be sculpting Dali's cygnes reflechis en elephants from clay, well at least the elephants from the painting. Dali has long been a favorite of mine in my opinion the father of surrealistic art.

I consider this my tribute to Salvador Dali.

I have started making the tree legs of the elephants with mesh and am about to begin working the bodies and heads of the elephants with clay.

Happy Irish Day!

I think I'm part Irish on my fathers side. Not that it matters, I've been told we are all Irish today! I have got to get some work done on the sculpture today, right now it's just a block of clay! Maybe I will start painting the hobbit probably not. Cannot wait until the release of my ad paper hopefully next month, also when I visit RI considering I am so overdue it has been 4 years since I have been to that god forsaken state, I do miss a lot of people. Well seeing how it is noon I should probably get this day started.

Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Too much time on my hands today!

So in the works two paintings a huge number of digital projects and a major collaborative project coming up in the next month requires major funding so on hold for a bit. I will be changing my web page from the horrid commercial site that is there now to a more modern arts site. Feedback and ideas are always welcome...yea right no one cares, lol. *sigh
Well off to get ready for tonight's big event I'm out. Make sure you all support Charlie Sheen! The man is a genius, but it makes me think, whatever happened to Emilio Estevez?
Who would've thought that the whinny ass private from Platoon would be "the man" all these years later. Charlie being big again is like having a cooler, straight, more in your face NPH.

Beta Update!

Okay, the fish spawned and the male tore up the femailes fins bad I hope it dosent kill her. Now I guess I just wait till she lays the eggs, Pablo has already started building his bubble nest.

blog blog blog

Need to get started on my Hobbit painting, wasting too much time playing games on Steam. I have it sketched out as seen here an early sketch without any corrections.
This was taken about two weeks ago I have made many improvements since and am ready to start painting. It will be my biggest painting to date it is 4'x3' and will truly be a spectacular painting when it is done, though I may be elderly by then! Started spawning my beta fish today Mr. and Mrs. Pablo seem to be ready, we shall see...

Purple Shorts - Michael Paulhus 2010

Purple Shorts - Michael Paulhus 2010
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